Fleet Dispatch System

Designed for trucking, logistics, transportation & courier services

Streamline Your Oder Management Process

Manually processing orders is often time-consuming, prone to human error and mistakes. If you are still using the traditional method to create and keep track of job orders, you have come to the right place! With GPSFleet, we can help you to reduce business costs and enhance your operational efficiency by digitising the order process.

Scalable Order Management

Scheduling and dispatching orders can be as simple as just a few steps. Manager first key in the order information, determining which drivers perform each task, and set the order date. That’s all! It’s an easy to use module with drag-and-drop functions where you can visually plan your routes in real-time.

Engage Customer On Their Terms

Always fail to meet clients’ deadlines? With Service Level Agreement (SLA), you can facilitate a clear understanding of the service and responsibilities of all employees. You can define and keep track of the SLA to ensure all tasks assigned to Managers and Drivers are processed under the agreement. Users will also be notified and alerted before violations happen.

Full Transparency

Our system helps you gain full visibility on every level from driver information, and fleet movement to the order status. The clarity in the order status can reduce anxiety and build customer confidence in the service provided.

Reporting & Analytics

Empower you to take charge of your business by using data to make informed business decisions.  Keep track of on-time or failed deliveries and get access to in-depth views into drivers’ performance, customer feedback, and more.


Driver Mobile App

Fleet Dispatch System

Customer Tracking Mobile Web


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