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We provide fleet management system for your
business so you don’t have to worry about your fleet

Business owners, have the peace
of mind that your fleet is in control

GPS Fleet provides vehicle analytics and insights to your business by:

Track Your Vehicles
In Real-Time

Monitor the status of your vehicles anywhere, anytime in the palm of your hands

Ensure Driver's Accountability

Prevent misconduct among your drivers (eg. skipping work, doing private business, late delivery)

Prevent Unwanted Theft

Prevent the likelihood of drivers running away with your goods or stocks

Increase Operation Efficiency

Improve your business operation efficiency with data and analytics collected

GPS Fleet Provides Vehicle Insights & Analytics for You to Make Better Business Decisions

By knowing how your drivers utilize your fleet, you can make firm
decisions on how to improve the efficiency of your business operations

“GPS Fleet had helped our company to increase sales by 30% by developing an efficient distribution system based on the data collected! That’s a lot of increment!” – Ms Lina, Seremban Soy Sauce Manufacturer

Trusted By Big Brands Across Malaysia

GPS Fleet Solutions For You

GPS Fleet Standard

Web Dashboard & Mobile App

GPS Fleet Premium

Advanced Fuel Analysis & Monitoring

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Real-time Dashboard

Mobile App Access

Vehicle Information Table

Vehicle Utilisation Report

Speed Graph & Report

Event Report & Notification

GeoFencing Feature

Configuration Management


Fuel Monitoring & Report


Access it Anywhere,

No matter where you are, whether on a
work trip or a short vacation, monitoring
your fleet is just within your fingertips

About The Company

GPS FLEET is a fleet management technology service provider. We provide real time vehicles’ insights and analytics for companies to move forward with certainty. We connect companies’ vehicles for them to make better business decisions that help enhances the productivity and profitability for the business


Making fleet management Simple


To be one of the leading fleet management service provider in Malaysia by year 2024.

We Strive to deliver

Outstanding Customer Service and Support

Continuous Innovation in Logistic Technology

Grow Together with Customer

Out story - how gps fleet is born

We started our entrepreneurship journey since university life. Back then, we secured a contract with the University of Nottingham to build a bus tracking system for the students to have a real time route scheduling information. Since then, we have mastered the GPS data acquisition and processing throughout the project. To know more of our story, you may click here for more info.

After graduation, we decided to move into GPS tracking solution for commercial vehicles as we realized there is an addressable market within the SMEs. Without logistic data such as real time GPS location of their fleet, SME business owners wouldn’t be able to take charge of the operation, as they could not provide reliable data for their customers. This may affect the business productivity and profitability, as there is a lack of insights on the operation.

After conducting a market survey, we realized there are a lot GPS tracking service providers. However, mostly their system are brought in from China and Europe, which is not localized for the Malaysia market. With our major strength in software and hardware development, we are able to self develop our own software and hardware devices. Our main objective is to provide software customization for customers as we believe that by processing GPS data according to customer requirements, it only can produce tangible value for the company.

Our team have strong tech background. We believe that by investing into product innovation, our company will improve and grow continuously towards being the pioneer in the logistic technology sector.

Our aim is to be the leading logistic technology service provider in the Southeast Asia market.

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