Fuel & Carbon Footprint Tracking Package

Accelerate the compliance of ESG to achieve carbon neutrality.


Fuel Monitoring & Carbon Tracing System

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Prevent Fuel Fraud

Greener Supply Chain

2 In 1 Package Deal

The Features

Our 1 year FREE Trial package includes two system. It have basic features which enables you to measure, manage, compare and track your fuel and carbon footprint.

Carbon Tracing System

  • ESG Compliant Report
  • Carbon Emission Tracking
  • Less CO2 = Less Costs

Fuel Monitoring System

  • Fuel Analysis Graph
  • Fuel Consumption Report
  • Fraud Protection


ESG and its effects on the Logistic Supply Chain

In layman’s term, EGS stands for Environment Social Governance. As sustainability becomes an increasingly important factor, businesses especially transportation and the logistic supply chain will need to be more mindful on their impact on the environment as it continues to grow. We foresee that with ESG data, businesses can be future-proofed by going green and using low-carbon alternatives.

E - Environment

S - Social

G - Governance


Greener Supply Chain

Logistics providers promote ESG standard from top down to reduce the environmental impact.

Finance Management

Carbon tax is forthcoming. Understand the ESG able to avoid in paying last-minute taxes.

Priority In Business

Get priority in business to be ESG ready so that customers can use the data to be compliant.

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