Fuel Theft Use Case

Stealing fuel continues to be a major problem for all businesses. Malaysia has one of the cheapest petrol prices in the Asia-Pacific region, even attracting more attempts to steal the fuel from vehicles. According to the Malaysia Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (KPDNHEP), a recent case was reported where a fuel thief was arrested for stealing two storage tank compartments containing 5,000 L of fuel in the lorry.

For the fleet who owned many vehicles, it is incredibly difficult to continuously monitor the fuel consumed on each route. It then becomes easy for the dishonest driver to identify a chance, begin taking advantage, stealing the fuel from their own truck, and reselling it to the black market at a higher rate. This leads to a loss, incurring additional financial costs to your business. However, we, GPSFleet successfully helped our clients reduce these fraudulent expenses by identifying the fuel theft through our system.

Our Case


Our client is a transportation company focusing on palm oil bunches. He owned around 30+ trucks for his business. Recently, he was spotted on the rising fuel claims and suspected the driver might be using the fuel for personal use. However, our client had no way to verify the claims and therefore sought assistance from GPSFleet.


We sprung to action where installed a fuel sensor package on the client’s trucks for his needs. The fuel sensor package included a fuel sensor and GPS tracker where the client was able to track the vehicle location and fuel consumption anytime anywhere. ​

Our client first noticed the fuel stolen case was on the 10th October 2021. He discovered one of his trucks was idling for about 9 minutes from 15.11 PM to 15.20 PM at King Motors, 90200 Kinabatangan in Sabah (5.2513915, 118.053881833333) (Picture 1). He checked the fuel report and realized that the fuel level had drastically dropped from 150 L to 127 L (Picture 2), where 23 L, about 9 % of the fuel was missing when the truck was not moving (Picture 3). To find out the reasons behind dropped fuel, our client asked for support from our Sabah Distributor, Lee.

For the next few days, they kept monitoring this truck through our system. Five days later on 25th October 2021, a similar situation occurred where they spotted the driver was idling again for approximately 15 minutes from 11.33 PM to 11.48 PM in the same location at King Motors (Picture 4). At this point, the fuel had even sharply fallen about 48 L from 164 L to 116 L (Picture 5), where 15 % of the fuel disappeared within the idling time (Picture 6). From the report data, it also shown the driver was trying to refuel to avoid suspicion (Picture 7). Lee immediately found out the idling location has a few stores illegally selling the petrol (Picture 8). They came to realize that the driver was eventually stealing and reselling the fuel to the market so they decided to report to the police for further actions.

Summary of Solution

With our GPSFleet system, our client successfully gathered all the fraud information as report evidence. In this case, we offer following solutions:

Fuel Sensor Package

We provide a fuel sensor package to our client to make accurate measurements of fuel level his vehicle tanks.

Fuel Theft Evidences

We provide solid evidences of fuel theft through our fuel report data upon of future investigation.

Immediate Support

We have delivered the fastest response to our client whenever they requested support from us.


As a results of our intervention, our client was able to drive the following benefits:

Reduce business risk by lively tracking the fuel level to eliminate fraud cost.

Increased customer satisfaction by reaching out the customers needs in all metric.

In control by getting valuable data to assess & refine their operational structure.

Know More

This was just one example of how our clients have reaped the benefits of connectivity, productivity and profitability. Each business is different, and we tailor our services to suit your unique needs. Try it yourself, to experience an exceptional service that you have never encountered before. Contact us to know more about running an experiment to test the feasibility of our technology to drive real economic value for your business.

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