Preventing Driver Fraud

Has your business ever faced a scenario where the increased fleet movements and rising vehicle running costs are not complemented with increased sales volumes? Have you suspected something isn’t right and wanted to know more? Read on.

1. Background

Ever so often, when a product comes along that simplifies a cumbersome process, we adopt it into our daily lives. However, after a while, we start to take this convenience for granted. Our client works in an industry that has been providing such benefit, safety and accessibility to us at our homes, offices, shopping malls, toll gates and many other places. They are one of the largest auto gate motor manufacturers in Malaysia, headquartered in Penang and their business across the country is divided into regions with Branch Managers in-charge of each zone.

Fleet performance management is critical to the profitability of their business, and vehicle running expenses are one of the most significant cost drivers.

2. The Problem

Since the start of 2020, our client noticed that for their Southern Malaysia branch, there were rising claims of delivery vehicle running costs for petrol, tolls & maintenance. However, this was not complemented by increased sales volumes, and they had no way to verify the branch manager’s claims. At this point, they realised the need for a better way to dig deeper and track the actual on-ground movements. This is where the GPS-Fleet team came to the rescue.

3. Our Solution

Our team sprung into action and installed our GPS tracking hardware on the vehicles. This web-connected hardware was coupled with 24×7 unrestricted access to the vehicle movements through mobile and web applications. The business owners  got complete visibility into the fleet movements and an opportunity to use actual data to get to the depth of the problem.

An actual Route Map with Points of Interest, generated from our Web Application.

4. Results

While using our geo-tracking, the business owner was able to access actual route maps of the vehicles and unearth the misuse by the branch owner. By matching the data from the route maps with the travel logs submitted during claims, they found real evidence proving that the vehicle was being deployed for personal use. This allowed them to take appropriate action and save thousands of ringgits in fraudulent claims.

The benefits didn’t end there. To avoid such instances in the future, we were able to set up a Geo-Fence such that each time the vehicle went beyond a permissible radius, the clients would get an automatic update. Along with that, by using our route optimisation services, the business would be able to reduce fuel costs further.




“Thank you GPS Fleet for letting me gain back control of my business, especially on the salesmen activities, so that I can plan and deploy new sales strategies for my business.”

Know More

This was just one example of how our clients have reaped the benefits of connectivity, productivity and profitability. Each business is different, and we tailor our services to suit your unique needs. Try it yourself, to experience an exceptional service that you have never encountered before. Contact us to know more about running an experiment to test the feasibility of our technology to drive real economic value for your business.

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